Steps to Enrollment

Inquiry Call or Email
During an initial inquiry call or email, our goal is a sharing of information between the prospective family and Wired2Learn Academy (W2LA).  We want to gather as much information as possible about a prospective student and where he or she might be struggling with learning.

Prospective families should fill out and submit a student Application.  This is an opportunity for prospective families to share detailed learning and educational information about your student with our admissions team.  (This information is kept confidential.) It is also an opportunity for your student’s voice to be heard. A significant part of the application is the Student’s Point of View.  We want to hear from both parents and students. It is in the best interest of the prospective student to be sure that W2LA is the right school for your student and that your student is a good fit for W2LA.

Download Application Here

Parent Informational Session
We encourage prospective families to attend our monthly information session at our W2LA campus. This gives interested parents and guardians the ability to meet with various members of the W2LA community to learn more.  There is a formal 30 – 40 minute presentation followed by a Q & A.
Parent & Student Meeting
W2LA will consider any student for enrollment.  Our Admissions team will speak with parents and will ask to see a wide variety of reports, assessments, and observations in order to round out the picture of who each student is as a learner and to determine that W2LA is the proper fit for that student.  This meeting with the parents and prospective student will determine student eligibility.
School Tour
During a W2LA tour, prospective families will have an opportunity to see the school during a regular school day.  Students and families will have an opportunity to visit each classroom and meet staff and students and observe a typical day at W2LA. Families will have an opportunity to ask the Director of the Academy any additional questions they might have or to take the next steps in booking an Assessment.
The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment measures the 19 different cognitive functions and identifies which cognitive areas the Arrowsmith program can address.  This Assessment will take about 1 to 1 ½ days to complete and results will be ready for the Assessment Briefing.
Get Wired Meeting
At the Get Wired Meeting, the school directors and learning coaches will meet the parents or guardians of the student to explain the results of the Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment, presented in the form of an Initial Learning Profile.  This Learning Profile describes a student’s cognitive profile as a list of strengths and difficulties, and will highlight the Arrowsmith Program exercises best suited to fundamentally improve learning ability.  W2LA staff will propose a Get Wired Learning Plan, a daily program for your student, which outlines the number of hours to be spent in each learning leg of W2LA for the academic year.
Enrollment Offered
Enrollment is offered when it has been determined that W2LA would be a suitable fit for a prospective student.  This often takes place as part of the Get Wired Meeting. An Assessment is not always required in order to offer enrollment.  Once families have had the different programming options explained, an appropriate offer of enrollment is made.

We encourage families to inquire early in the school year before the year of desired admission as enrollment decisions are made on a rolling basis. Enrollment is limited.  Mid year applications are accepted contingent on availability.

There are only 24 spots available for the new school year.

For more information regarding admissions & assessments at W2LA, please email the school Director, Alyssa Pukkila

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