4 Cornerstones of Wired2Learn Academy's Foundation

World Class Learning

Learning through self-initiated projects and that encompass State academic standards and independent learning plans, students explore information daily in great depth via investigation and research, field experiences, problem solving, collaborative groups, oral and written communication, entrepreneurialism, and much more using a skill mastery approach.

Celebrating Neurodiversity

A small school allowing everyone to know each other and receive the attention they deserve.  Recognizing the diversity of human brains and minds—the infinite variation in cognitive functioning with a student body.  Acknowledging the unique gifts of each students in combination with partnership between student, teacher, and parent in a tailored learning program is developed.

Seamless Technology

A variety of technologies will be available throughout the campus.  Whether personal devices or school-owned technology, students will safely and effectively use learning tools to create, collaborate, communicate, and share with our community, while learning technology responsibility.  Realizing that the brain needs face to face relationships, time in nature, and the freedom to make connections without the distraction of technology.

Unique Design

Our campus will be welcoming, versatile and support varying learning activities.  We will use design principles that include a connection to the outdoors, promotion of student-centered learning, collaboration, positive school climate, technology integration, and flexible scheduling.

"Traditional environments reinforce traditional teaching!" Erin Klein

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." - John Dewey

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