• W2LA is a school that will train their students to SOLVE problems.  We will help students have an opportunity Mindset.
  • W2LA will train students to be catalyst of change.  Training students to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and to add to their strengths by helping and training others and to invest in their personal growth by working on areas of weakness.
  • W2LA will teach 21st century hard skills: public speaking, business writing, technology, project management and learn by doing real-world projects.
  • W2LA will teach 21st century soft skills: metacognitive skills (thinking about how you think, helping the student to analyze where they want to go in life and why), essential knowledge (how to balance a personal budget and use technology to account for finances and pay bills, how to manage a project budget, how to do taxes, how to apply for higher education).
  • W2LA will give students the ability for intense immersion into a specialization.

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