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A private school for students with learning differences in grades 3-12. We are dedicated to helping students who struggled to read, write, spell, memorize, process information, understand math, retrieve material and facts, process auditory information, improve cognitive systems that cause learning issues and build a strong foundation for independent learning and social success.

Academy students have average to above average intelligence but many different learning differences. They typically come to us frustrated, confused, and struggling academically. The Academy provides a positive, nurturing environment in which students feel accepted for who they are and provides an environment in which they can learn how to learn and are prepared for their next step-be that college, a job, university, or trade school.

Our Student Profile

  • Students in 3rd-12th grade at admission
  • Average to above average intelligence
  • Students with learning differences, particularly language based learning disabilities, physical writing challenges, ADHD, or organizational difficulties may be appropriate for our program
  • W2LA is not appropriate for children with severe behavioral, conduct, or emotional disorders

Learning Program

  • Ungraded curriculum through 8th grade, so students can learn to learn and learn that failure is an acceptable part of learning.
  • Individualized Get Wired Program developed for each student.
  • Student-driven, Project-Based Learning that meets students at their academic level and challenges them to grow.
  • Overall student/learning coach ratio of 6:1
  • Daily one-to-one and small group instruction when needed
  • Emphasis on strengthening the cognitive systems that cause the inability to gain skills in reading, math, and written expression.

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