Let’s create a school that will help change our culture, create innovative thinkers, and build up a generation of children who can positively affect the world they live in.  There is no more time for blame!


Yes, kids are growing up feeling entitled, self-interested and unfocused.  They are also growing up in a society that breeds loneness, stress, lack of connectedness, a general lack of caring for others all of which fails to give them the social, emotional, or practical tools needed to succeed in life outside school and their immediate families.  Anxiety, depression and suicide rates are on the rise.  We want more for our children and grandchildren and the world that they will live in. We must start acting on a solution today.


We must “step it up.”  There is no time to blame society and bad parenting.  Our children spend 7 hours a day at school.  School needs to be part of the solution.  So, how can we be a part of that solution?  We need to start a movement to reinvent education! New kinds of schools need to be created that will pick up the slack and develop caring human beings who love and respect others.  These schools must work extra hard to teach our children the social skills they are lack along with high standards, autonomy in learning, and a first class education plan.


These new schools need to be based of the foundation of care and mentoring.  We need to put aside the short-term testing goals and care about the long-term futures of our students. However, we need to be patient.  This change is not going to happen overnight.  Growing self-confidence, learning to be empowered, understanding the joy and pride of working hard on long-term projects, valuing the different skills of people, and building relationships takes time!


Finland has built a great educational system.  Patience is one of the characteristics that sets the Finns apart from others.  In Finnish Lessons 2.0, Pasi Sahlberg points out “that it takes time, patience and determination” to build a good educational system.  Finland did not rise to the top of the international education scene quickly.  Finland created their educational goals: building on teacher strengths, securing a relaxed and fear-free learning environment for students and cultivating a respectful and trusting work environment for teachers, and then stuck to their goals with a long-term perspective.  We can do the same!


Join me in reinventing education!  Be a part of the solution!  We can build a school that builds up our children if we:

  • Pay close attention to the social and emotional needs of our children
  • Prepare our learning coaches and educators to care about the child first
  • Build a learning environment that nurtures the brain and how it learns and
  • Value joy, patience, hard work, high standards, laughter, relationships, and the unique gifts of each child.


Be a part of the solution!  Help to create a movement to reinvent education.  Together we can build schools that nurture the whole child, expects high standards and reduces medication use for anxiety, stress and depression.

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